What Would It Feel Like to Be in a Brand New Country…and Have Not One Friend?

Can You Be a Friend to Just One?

Welcome Home was created to make it easy for those of us in our neighborhood who want to be more welcoming and inclusive to our new neighbors. The task is really quite simple. All we ask is that you consider adding one more person or family to your current circle of friends and that your new friend is foreign-born.
Welcome Home provides training, guidance, and assistance as well as a “match” service to connect you with a newcomer in your neighborhood.


WELCOME HOME is a faith-based non-profit created to equip and mobilize people in the Puget Sound region to become friends with their new immigrant and refugee neighbors. We provide orientation, training, on-going assistance, and refugee match services.

For more information on how you can be part of providing a warm Welcome, contact:
Dan Samuelson

3640 South M ST, Tacoma WA 98418